Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Summer time Part 1

I know it has been 4ever since I have posted-but who has time in the summer to post anything. I think I will just recap the past few months with pictures and snipets of the things we have done as a family.

This is Morgans 1st grade class field day back in May. I always loved field day, my fifth grade teacher wore a wig she ran an obstacle course. I just remember wishing that her wig would fall off. She was one of my least favorite teachers.

Devin's youngest sister Janelle and her husband Jeff joined us the end of May. It was a quick trip but Jeff helped Devin in the backyard. I would like to call it the mud pit!! It rained almost the whole time, this was the soggiest may ever!!

After our crazy May, Paige hitched a ride with Jeff and Janelle to Utah. This has been a tradition for Paige for 4 years now. All of Devins family is in Utah so she loves to visit cousins!!



In July I took the chillins and my Mom up to Estes for the Day. We did all the normal things like eat and eat somemore. We also went to the glass blowers and walked through the town. It is so beautiful up there!!

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