Thursday, April 23, 2009

IN LOVING MEMORY OF MY DAD November 28th, 1946-April 24th, 2004

Me and my Dad 1977
Tomorrow is the the 5 year anniversary of my dads death. Each year it gets easier-but I still get angry that I didn't get more time with him. I love him so very much. Thanks for being my dad!

Some of my favorite memories of him:

he had a beautiful tenor voice

he loved the earth,

*collected rocks and sea shells, loved taking the scenic route, flowers, mountains, oceans

he was very artistic

*painted designs on wall, canvas, interior designer without formal training

he loved the beach and our family trips to Hawaii

he broke his collar bone boogie boarding in Hawaii

he had a contagious laugh

when I was little he would sing my "YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE" every morning when I would sneak into bed with him and my mom

sang in a barbershop quartet

overcame addiction

loved my mother

he loved the Cosby Show

he was a really good whistler

he was a great cook and candy maker

*garlic chicken, eggrolls, rolls, cinnamon rolls(some of my favs)

he would eat apple crisp every Sunday in the fall

he loved Schwans Black Raspberry Icecream

he always told me to be flexible-HAHA

he was choir director, bishop, a good friend to many people

served a mission in California

he was not very good at sports

he financially supported some missionaries on there missions who were NOT his own children

he wore black socks with his shorts-LOL

he loved me, my sister, and brother very much and he wanted the best for each of us

he would give even if he had nothing to give

he wore DRY IDEA deodorant forever

he made me laugh

very hard worker, but could play hard too

family drives singing lots of songs

he bought me a Bernina Sewing Machine

he always played the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
he had a love and great knowledge of the scriptures

Dad with Kaden 1 1/2 weeks before his death


Karla said...

I will be thinking about you tomorrow. I love you! -Karla

Kent said...

enjoyed your tribute to John (your father) He is doing the things you have a fond memory of in a better place for those who also will appreciate his love and talents. As you may or may not know, Carol and I are in India on a mission. The people are great, the culture is different and the work is moving forward. Enjoy seeing you and the wonderful family you are raising.
Carol/Kent Wood

Nancy Wharton said...

Many fond memories of your dad, our families and his life. He WAS a very hard worker. I know that my dad always appreciated his artistic view and loved him like a brother. God bless you and your family. XOXO

Adrienne said...

I'm glad you have some good memories, looking at you I can tell he was a good dad, I'm so sorry you lost him so early.


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