Thursday, May 6, 2010

Morgan's Running Club

Before the run.

During the run.

After the run with her friend Emma.

Over the past several weeks Morgan has attended an after school running club. She has had a great time running! Yea-one of my kids likes to run like me;) Morgan has asthma, so I was worried that she would have a hard time, but she did great and she was so proud of her self. The race was a 2 mile run around a track and she did it!  She even ran in sparkly pink Converse All-stars.  Thats my girl!

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Carrie said...

so it's been a while since I've looked at blogs so I have lots of comments: serendipity is the perfect name for that quilt, the sherbet one makes me want to go get some (sherbet)! Your posts have conviced me that I need a trampoline and a dog(altho I am NOT baby hungry:)) Kailer looks really grown up and handsome in his uniform, and don't you wish running club lasted just a little longer - Emma loved it too!!!! And keep the recipes coming! I think we'll try the granoloa bars today:)

Karla said...

Way to go, Mo-mo!!! I am so impressed with you running two miles- I can hardly do that!
aunt Karla


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