Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Who says summer is lazy, I think I've been WAY busier since the kids got out of school. Just trying to stay on top of the house, which is a total disaster 90% of the time. Does anyone out there feel my pain? That is one of the reasons I have been MIA!

Next to December May is probably the next busiest month of the year. I really don't understand why all the teacher cram EVERYTHING, projects, concerts etc into one month. BLAH!! Just a warning, there will be lots of pictures of our May happenings.

Kaden had an end of the year summer concert. It was really very fabulous. The all go t matching Tshirts and sung their little hearts out. The sang The World is a Rainbow, One Small Voice, When I grow Up, and the Kindergarten Song.

Kaden had a day of fun the last week of school. They went to Sunflower Farm. You can feed animals, play in the tree houses, corn mazes, sit by a campfire, ride the zipline, and get totally exhausted. Kadens kindergarten class a had an awesome time. I am so sad he is out of kindergarten, he learned so much this year, and his teacher Mrs. Vogel-Pitts was GREAT!

Next came the yearly Erie town Fair and Balloon launch. This is a yearly tradition and they all launch just outside our door on the Vista Ridge Golf Course. This year my mom came along and it was beautiful as usual.                                                          Yep-some nightime trampoline jumping.

The cousins from Utah came for a quick visit on their way to Alabama. Our kids have so much fun together.

There are some perks to having a husband as a police officer. The kids in the neighborhood love it when he brings the police car around. The cousins thought it was pretty cool too!


That pretty much wraps up our 2010 May. Super exciting, I mean exhausting. I didn't even post feild day, baseball, 5th grade graduation, training for the Ragnar Relay next week, etc.....

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Angela said...

May is crazy!! I agree about trying to cram everything in that last month! AND being more busy with the kids home! My house is messy 99% of the time!


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