Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Insomnia and Halloween

I have just spent almost two weeks sick.  All I really wanted to do was take a nap and sleep, which I did plenty of.  Now that I am starting to feel better-yep insomnia.  I took a little catnap from 11-12:30 and have been awake ever since.  Its now 2:46 am.  Thank heavens I am not going to spin class at 5:30! 
Ok enough wihining.  Halloween was good, the kiddos always have a great time.  We were out trick or treating and Kaden says to me...Mom I love the spirit of Halloween.  They got to ride around a little in daddies police car and trick or treat.  They thought that was pretty cool, but we got some wierd looks from the neighbors!
This year Paige decided she was to old for trick or treating, so she stayed home and handed out the candy.  Kailer left the second it startd to get dark and came home with 25 lbs of candy, yep we weighed it.  Now that he is eating so much candy he really feels a need to brush his teeth.  Thanks heavens for that!

 Trunk or Treat
Paige and Cierra

 School Parties


Adrienne said...

Sorry you have been so sick. Nothing worse than that and trying to take care of everybody. Your kids look really cute in their costumes. 25 lbs is a LOT of candy!

Rene said...

Your kids are adorable! I love seeing their pictures all lined up down the side of your blog. Just letting you know that answer to your paint question. The Sherwin Williams color is Rosemary. Isn't it great? I'm probably going to use it in a few more places. Have a great day!



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