Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kaden turns 6

This year Kaden wanted to have a swimming party at the rec center. It was so much fun(for him), I had a migraine.
Kaden is my youngest and the most spoiled child of all my kids. I never wanted to be that kind of mom, but there is something about that "last one". I rocked him every night till he was 5, boy was that a mistake. He still has a hard time going to bed by himself.

Kaden loves: balloons, jumping on the tramp, kindergarten, playdates, talking about poop(BOOOOOO), riding his bke, swimming, playing in the dirt and sand, playing tetherball, eating snacks all day long, playing the computer, and spending the day with ME!!

He is a mommies boy, which I love most of the time. 

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Harsh Agrawal said...

Congratulations to you and happy birthday to kid :)


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