Friday, July 9, 2010

Wasatch Back

We Decorated our van before the race!
Me on My FINAL RUN- This was the longest and hardest of all 3 legs. I ran a total of 18 miles, this one was up hill for 5 miles.

Right after the Race

Well I did it!! The Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back was totallyAWESOME!!!! Not to mention I made some new friends! How can you NOT become close when you are in a van for 24 hours, sleeping on a highschool floor with hundreds of other runners, showering in a highschool community shower at 2 AM-NOT TO MENTION FREEZING together with a group of ladies!! I will have to admit it was FUN!! I did great on all 3 legs of my runs conquering mountains and bugs! The best part was having a spa day after the race was all over!!

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Adrienne said...

"If only I could look like Jarrie when I run"--that's my new saying. You did awesome and like I said above, looked good doing it..... :)


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