Monday, September 20, 2010

New York, New York Day 2 Part 1(It was a very long day)

One thing I really do like about vacation is sleeping in.  In fact I don't like to feel pressure to get up at all on vacation.  Fortunately I did get to do that 2 of the 4 days I was there.  So we slept till about 9 and got ready for my favorite part of New York.  We took a food walking tour in Greenwich Village.  This quaint little part of New York was loaded with history and aweome architecture.  We jumped in a cab and headed to Greenwich Village.
Carrie and I are eagarly waiting to start the tour and be fed.  We stopped at 5 different eatery's interspersed with different tidbits of fun trivia and history.  Our first stop was for a slice of "real" NY style pizza at Joe's Pizza.  NY pizza has a crunchy thin crust with delicious sauce and fresh mozzarella.  Delish!
Here we are all stuffing our faces!!!

This here is a cheese ball from Faicco's Itialian Specialties.  This was really good, some concoction of rice, cheeses, and slightly coated with bread crumbs and fried to perfection.  I have never had a rice ball before but I will say, it was very yummy.

Next was Palma.  I guess this little quaint resturaunt is where a lot of celebs have parties and such.  There is a hidden coutryard inside of the building.  They served this cauliflower dish with currants and pinenuts.  WOW!

We stopped at a strange Japanese restuaraunt that was only vegetariean.  Everything in the above Bento box is veggies-the meat was made out off gluten.  I really like this.  Especially pickled seaweed with the fake meat.

Cannolis are big in NY- I don't care for them, but Carrie said the one she had in Little Italy was better.  We actually also got a choclate chip oatmeal ookie from another place, that to me was really good.  I didn't get a picture of the last place we went.  it was a cheese and sausage place.  I am kinda a good old colby/jack kinda gal.  So it  was just alright to me.

This is only a 7 foot apartment.  I think the gude said it is the smallest apartment in NY.  Can you imagine?  All you could fit would be a bed.

Here is a little yard for some kids to play.  To me this is just sad!


Meredith said...

Keep going!! Only 3 1/2 more days to blog about!

Adrienne said...

Food tour...that sounds like fun. I want to know how much that 7 ft apartment costs. Probably as much as my house.

Susan said...

I think I would be claustrophobic in NY... (that kid's play area is quite depressing!)


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