Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tantalizing Tuesday

I experienced this dish at a church activity a couple weeks ago. Katsudon is a  popular Japanese food, a bowl of rice topped with a deep-fried pork cutlet, egg, and condiments Absolutely delicious and is probably just as good as eating out.  For the pork we have substituted chicken.

Kara's Katsudon

Part 1: Katsu
Coat chicken with the following:

Bowl 1- 5 Tbs flour, 1/2 tsp salt, pepper to tast
Bowl 2- 1 egg beaten
Bowl 3- 5 Tbs Panko Bread crumbs

Fry breaded chicken in just enough oil to cover each piece.  Cut into strips.

Part 2: Sauce
Combine the following and heat in a saucepan until dissolved.

1 C water
 1/4 C sugar
1/3 C soy sauce
1/3 tsp dashi(optional)
(makes 2 servings)

Part 3: Katsudon

Sliced Onion
1 egg

Place desired amunt of sauce and onions into a frying pan and bring to a boil.  Add katsu strips.  Beat egg and pour over chicken.  Cover with lid and cook till egg is mostly set.  Serve over rice.

PS-I added some zuchinni during the adding onion stage.  It turned out so yummy!

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