Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 4-Yes I know there is MORE!!

Day 4 was a wet day.  But we were on vacation, nothing was bringing us down!  We hoped on our lovely tour bus and headed to the upper part of NY.  Lots of buildings more of central park and Grants Tomb.(pictured below).  Ulysses S Grant is my 5th or 6th great Grandfather.  Can't remember which one exactly.
I love this building-I mean I just can't wrap my brain around how architects think of this kinds stuff.
We had breakfast at Carnegie Deli-super yummy and it was fun to see all the celebs hanging on the wall.  Restaruants in NY or so tiny.  And they cram a lot of people into a small place.  I am sure they are violating some sort of code.  When we came out of breakfast it was raining and we stopped and bought ourselver some handy $2 umbrellas.  They leaked by the end of the day but they served there purpose.

Here is Carrie sitting on the bus sporting the ever fashionable trash bag cover up.  Felt like we were going to Niagra Falls!!
Nikki had a tradition that whenever she had visited NY in the past she would visit St Catherines Cathedral and light a candle.  The arcitecture was AMAZING!!  So beautiful. Notice the shopping bags in the above pic, yep we hit Century 21 AND Canal Street!

 We stood in line in the middle of Time Square to get the 1/2 Broadway tickets.  Yes it was pouring but we really wanted to sneak in one more show before heading home the next day.  We chose to see Billy Elliot.  Despite hearing a lot of the fbomb said by the kids on stage the show was FABULOUS!!  I LOVED it-I think more than Wicked, or maybe it was just different...more real life stuff but sooooo gooood.  Before the show we got a bite to eat from Juniors-Carrie took a pick of this because she called it NY's chips and salsa.  Yep thats beets and pickles my friends.

Following Billy Elliot(which was about a boy who learned to dance) I did a special private dance back in our hotel room in memory of Billy Elliot.

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Adrienne said...

Man, you guys better take me next time! I'll be good I promise. Looks like a blast!


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