Monday, October 4, 2010

NYC Day 3

We had big plans on day 3 to get up early and hit Central Park for a run.  I think the goal was for 6:30???  Can't remeber exactly but we didn't set an alarm and we all woke up around 9.  So much for an early run.  We did however get our butts outta bed and headed down for a 7 mile run through the park.  It was a beautiful day and I felt pretty awesome running in a place I had only seen in movies.
We stopped for a parfait on the way back to our hotel and saw this dude who must have had a little too much to drink tfrom the night before.    I don't know how he could sleep in broad daylight with all those people around.  We wanted to hurry back cause we were meeting an Erie friend who moved to Jersey in May.

Nicole showed up as her fashionable self an d we headed over to grab a bus.  Yeah-we were total tourists, but it got us around to see all the places we probably would not of been able to see.  It was so good to see Nicole she is so sweet and always has a smile on her face.  My Kaden played with her Evan last year in kindergarten.  We were sad to see them move! 

On the bus we saw Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building and we drove through Hells Kitchen and made a stop at Little Italy.  I bought a scarf for my momma and we headed for a walk through China Town.

Carrie and I were so excited to see Zarin Fabrics(Real Housewives of NY) sitting right there in front of our eyes!
          After rushing to catch the bus back to Time Square we decided to have a nice italian dinner and talk a stroll through the scary part of NYC.  Hello-we had to get Nicole back to her train so she could get back to New Jersey.  During our scary walk we stopped and got some Garretts popcorn.  We all got the Oprah mix which is half cheddar and half caramel.  It was really yummy and then we bid farwell to Nicole. 

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