Monday, April 4, 2011

Orlando Days 4.5.6


There is not much to post about Epcot, we loved Test Track!!  But honestly this park is rather boring, and it was a downpour the whole day.  Kaden and Morgan were sooo sick and I as well started to get a fever that day.  I decided to take the little ones back to the hotel to get out of the soggy rain and rest up. 

Day 5-Hollywood Studios  I think wew were all sick of being sick that we just plum fogot the camera.  Its too bad, we did have a great time at this park.  There are some fabulous shows-Indian Jones, the Lights, Action, Motors. And the loved Rockin Rollercoaster-so much fun.  But holy cow this park was sooo busy I thought I was going to die!  Man I hate crowds, they just make me cranky.

Cocoa Beach(Atlantic Coast)

Fevers and all the kids had a great time at this beach.  The could have played for hours(actually they did).  Devin got sick here.  Yes the terrible Fever, the Orlando Fever!  He was so miserable but was a good sport.  This water was suprising warmer than the gulf coast.  As you can see it was cloudy most of the day.  It was raining back at the hotel with Tornado warnings, but we were oblivious to what was going on an hour away.

Kailer and Dev spent most of their time body surfing  After finishing the day we headed over to RonJons Surf shop and left for the hotel to get packed up for an early flight.  We spend 2 hours the next morning sitting on the runway.  The rain would just not stop!

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