Monday, April 4, 2011

Orlando Days 1.2.3

The kids have been giddy with excitement since we booked the Orlando trip.  We have not been on a real vacation as a family(airplane and all) ever.  We have driven places, Cali, Utah, Yellowstone, but never hopped on a plane.  I think mostly cause it is so dang expensive to fly 6 people anywhere, but we had actually saved up enough frequent flyer miles to fly 5 of us for free.
The logistics of trying to prepare for a vacation including all 4 parks at Disneyworld(trying to figure which day to do what, when the each park be less crowded, meals etc) really was NOT the most fun part.  I am a planner, Devin is a fly by the seat of his pants kinda guy, but I wanted to whatever it took to avoid standing in hour long waits for rides.  Thus I put together a park touring plan, which saved us hours of waiting.
The trip began with a very early morning drive to DIA with sleepy children in tow and yes, hold onto your hats, only 2 large suitcases for all 6 people!  I am a great packer what can I say.The way the FF miles worked, Morgan and I were on one flight, and Dev, Paige, Kai, and Kade were on a different flight.
 Morgan on the tram and in the airplane!  She made sure to tell everyone that this was her FIRST time on an airplane!!

 Picking up the minivan and heading out of the airport.  It was so warm!  Kailer looks a little constipated(traveling can do that to ya!)


 Kilaminjaro Safari

 Kailer being Kailer

 Towards the end of the day we met a lady who has worked at Animal Kingdom Park since it opened.  I think she was just so thrilled to talk with us she gave us VIP tickets for a ride and to see the Lion King(this was a fabulous show).  We were ushered into the open theater first and set right in the first row.  Unknownly getting prepared to be part of the show!

Magic Kingdom
 This is the day that things started to fall apart.  Morgan came down with a fever.  Of course I forgot her Nebulizer, any cold she gets goes straight to her lungs. So we had to purchase one from Walgreens and get a bunch of albuterol.  We can't seem to go anywhere without her getting sick. 
  We woke early to get to the park right at opening.  We were able to ride everything by 11 am.  Thanks again to my handy touring plan. And were greeted by singing and dancing with Mickey and Minnie in tow.

 Because of our early arrival, we were able to ride everything by 11 am!  How is that for planning?

 By lunch the park was soooo crowded that we decided to head back to the hotel for some swimming and napping.  It was a much need break!  We headed back for a parade and didn't make it to the fireworks.  Morgan was just too sick:(

 Clearwater Beach(Gulf Coast)

 Day 3 was a beach day, and we thought it would be good to take a break for Morgan...and Kaden, yep he came down with a fever too.  By golly i paid for the vacation, we are doing everthing as planned, even if we are miserable doing it.  The water hear was beautiful, but it was windy.  The sand was like powdered sugar and you could see the bottom of the ocean.  We bougth some snorkles and Dev and Kai went out and snorkled for a couple hours.  Morgan layed around and Kaden was soon to follow.  It was beautiful, but wasy too many people!!

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