Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Aqua Running

Today I water ran for the first time. Some might think that water running sounds super easy, but it kicked my butt! I actually sweated while in the water. Feelings of apprehension have been hovering in the back of my mind. Would I look like a big dork, would I do it wrong, would I look like a big dork, would it work, would I look like a big dork, will I keep my lungs and cardio strong till I can run again...These are the thoughts that have been circling my mind since I bought the blasted water belt last week.

Now I did catch one of the freaking life guards mimicing me and making fun of me, but WTH I shouldn't care what I look like. Devin pictured me with one of those rubber floatation devices, something like this:
 Yep he got a good laugh.  Anyway I did about 50 min of on and off speedwork.  You warm up 5 min and then do 1.5 min fast and take a 30 second recover in between.  I did this a total of 16 times and then I cooled down for 10 minutes.  I had a few charley horses in my calves but all in all it was a good workout.  Or a very successful mission.  I hope those damn lifeguards are not there on Friday.

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Angela said...

LOL! Take a water gun and shoot the lifeguards!

Jennifer said...

hey, how is that water running going? I am impressed!


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