Monday, March 7, 2011

Stress Fracture

Last week  I finally made it to a Physical Therapist.  I have tried everything to get rid of the shin splints, but I think I have known for a while that it was something else.  I was just hoping the sharp pain would go away, but the PT confirmed my worst fear, a stress fracture of the tibia.  I can say she did not do an MRI, but she said that she had seen enough and by my reactions to the tests made her 99.9% sure.  That was enough for me and after a very painful hour visit including some heavy massage(not the feel good type)acupuncture and some sort of electronic stimulation therapy, I left hobbling out of the office with a very bruised calf and butt(periformis muscle).  She did not do anything to my shin, It was too swollen and will be reevaluted in 3 weeks.

What does this mean.  She actually asked me which was more important, the Ragnar Relay or the Ironman in August? I looked at her with a tear in my eye and said, can't I do both?  Anyway-no running for me for at least a month.  I have to say that the idea of water running sounds a little boring, but that is my plan.  Spinning and Aqua Running.  My shin hurts on and off, but these are the 2 exercises that I don't feel any pain.  Too much standing and it starts to throb.  I am also doing exercises for my shins and glutes.  Yeah my glutes are week.  Even though my butt is big, there is NO MUSCLE in there, just flabby fat.

I wouldn't say I am chipper about the outcome.  Actual I am a little depressed.  My team is still allowing me to participate and I want to participate but I know I will not be 100% and its not fun when everyone is running and planning runs, and here I am.  I am trying to stay positive but it is hard.  How much i take my body for granted, and hopefully I can come back from this with a good attitude and still physically fit.

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