Saturday, February 26, 2011

I fell off the blog wagon,

Mostly because I have been a running fool.  About a month ago I joined a running club.  I have always wanted to get faster, and every time I would reach my speed goal, I'd get injured.  Most of my friends know I have a love/hate relationship with running.  The idea of a club is help you to reach those goals with a support system AND accountablilty.  
meets on Tuesdays at 530 am and Saturdays at 630 am.  I HATE to wake up early, especially to an alarm, it just doesn't seem natural.  I have upped my running to 4 days a week, right now around 25-30 miles/week. It has been a painful and exhausting process, yes I have come to need a nap after those early morning runs. FOR SURE, the training is kick my booty!!

But I have committed and have only missed a couple of sessions due to needing more recovery and injury.  Yep-my shin splints are back in full force.  I HATE SHIN SPLINTS!  
Yesterday I went and had a gait analysis redone at a local running store.  They put you in several shoes and watch your gait on the computer to see how you pronate your foot.  After 4 pairs of shoes I finally decided that I was going to switch brands from ASICs(I have worn this brand of running shoes for 6 years), to MIZUNO's.  I was in for quite a shock when to my surprise, the shoe laces were flouresent yellow!! YIKES, now you can see me coming and going.

I also bought a nifty night jacket that matches those awesome shoe strings. So hopefully my shins will get better, I have been icing, ibuprofen, stretching, cross training, foam rolling, massaging...just about everything I can think of to get back up and going.  Ragnar SOCAL is just over a month a way, and on to training for the Boulder Ironman .  I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR INJURY.


Susan said...

I love the yellow laces!

Neuffj said...

Glad to see you are back on the Blog Wagon. Sorry you are having more injuries. You are so amazing!

Tara said...

Come on Muzinos!!! Fix those shin splints!

Adrienne said...

Hoping the change in shoes helps your shins feel better. I just had a fellow running blogger who lives in Boulder do a "professional" gait analysis to help her with injury issues and I could find out the info if your interested if the news shoes don't help. 25-30 miles is week is awesome. You're going to do so great in your races. Nice job.

Carrie said...

you are one hot mama in flourescent!!!

Neuffj said...

Mom says you have a stress fracture in your tibia. Is that true? Sorry sis. I love you!


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