Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tantalizing Tuesday

I had these yummy morsels of goodness at my friend Susan's parent house. These A'Eppleskivers are heavenly and they will just melt in your mouth.  You do have to purchase a special pan, I bought mine on Amazon.  It was inexpensive compared to the pan I found at Williams Sonoma in the Mall.  Anyhow this is Susan's step moms recipe and it it yummy.  I will serve these with homeade strawberry or blackberry jam.

2 C bisquick
3 eggs, separated
2 C milk

Beat yolk, milk and then add bisquick.
Beat egg whites till frothy, and fold into the mix.
Cook on Med heat till toasty in color and flip with a fork.

 Aebleskivers Pan

 Beat the Whites

 Egg whites should be stiff peaks

 Put a 1/2 teas oil in each dimple (you must do this EVERY time for each one that you cook.

Top with Jam and Powdered Sugar

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Neuffj said...

These we seriously soooooo yummy! Thanks for making them for me when I was out there!


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