Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Adoption 5K

Since about Feb. I have been a non running momma!
  This has been a bummer because I find I need it in order to help keep the stress at bay.  Heaven knows i need an outlet with a husband working 90 hour weeks, 4 kiddos with all their many activities, I many days feel like a single mom.  Anyway, since I couldn't run I registered my fabulous daughters for a 5K.  We trained a little bit and the did an awesome job.  My little Morgan is a runner, she said Paige kept slowing her down and she just wanted to go go go. 

I am trying to train for the Boulder 1/2 Ironman.  It takes place in August, honestly I am just barely running again and there has been little time to fit the training in.  I registered $250 last year.  That is my problem, so much money but it is just not coming togteher.  So I would like to do a shorter distance(maybe an olympic distance).  I have until the end of June to get a small refund of $75 on the IRONMAN.  I will reevaluate then.  Meanwhile, I am going to register my little swimmer Morgan for a kids Tri.  She is on the swim team this year and is loving it.

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