Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kailer's 11th Birthday

How time flies!!  I still remember Kailer as our big BUBBA!!  He was a very chubby baby, infact he was close to 17 lbs by 2 months old. If you looked at Kailer from a side profile, you couldn't even see his lips because his cheeks were so chubby.  I did not carry him in the car seat for very long since he weighed so much...and I'm sure I had HUGE biceps:)  He is a great kid, who is always willing to help me around the house and wants to please us.  In another year he will be passing the sacrament at church and I still can't get him to wear a tie or tuck his shirt in!  I keep telling him I am going to sew lace on the bottom of his dress shirts so he will keep them tucked in.  I am so happy to be your mom!  I love you Kai!!


Neuffj said...

Such a goober! I remember that too! He was soo cute, now he's losing all that baby face and getting old. WEIRD

Adrienne said...

Sewing lace on the bottom of his shirt! I love it!


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