Saturday, December 26, 2009

13 going on 30

Paige and Paxtyn

On December 18th, PaIGEY turned the big 13. I know every mom probably says this, but it has really flown by. I still remember when Paige first arrived, and how anxious and young I was. We used to call her Baby Babinks and she had the cutest rolley polley legs. I was so clueless...she was small and helpless and beautiful. Although we have our differences, she makes me so happy and I am constantly reminded what a blessing it is to be a parent. Paige is talented, tall, beautiful, friendly, headstrong, opinionated, and great with kids. Someday she will be a great mom, and hopefully more prepared than I was. I love you Paigey Pie!

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Neuffj said...

Oh my goodness! Love it!


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