Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I wanna go back to my little grass shack Part 2

Yes-more to the story, the mysterious celebrity chef returns.  On our way off the Road to Hana we decided to have one more stop at the quaint fruitstand.  To my surprise the chef was adamant that we retake his picture.  He had to be very careful about his apperance floating around in cyberworld, so he had been studying which angle in the mirror captured his best features:)  Thus, is the picture up above.  He was very fun to talk to and was also putting together an art show for Jan. 2010.

This is just one of the pretty views in our hotel.  I have to admit, I don't really love pictures without people in it.

The next day Nancy and I decided to do a little shopping at Laihaina.  This is an awesome little seaside village with lots to do and see.  Isn't this sunset absolutely FAB!!  I can't put into words how gorgeous it really was.  We ate at a shore side hamburger shop called Hamburger in Paradise.  The hamburgers were go, but we loved the coconut shrimp.  In fact nancy went back twice more to get her fix of coconut shrimp. 

We took a little excursion up the Haleakala Volcano to watch the sunrise at freaking 2 in the morning.  It took forever to get up the mountain, but I have to admit the view was breathtaking.  If I had to do it over though I would skip the early morning sunrise and just drive up during the day.  I never have been a morning person, although I am not a night time person either.  The plant up above is called a Silversword Plant.  Remarkably, this plant lives for 100 years and then blooms and dies.  It kinda made me sad.  Live all that time to bloom only once and then die...poor Silversword Plant.  All the way down the Volcano I slept...so exhausting.

After taking a nap by the pool and then a nap in my comfy hotel bed we headed over to a Luau just 5 minutes down the rode from our hotel.  Delish food and drinks and of course flower leis and guys in skirts with shirts off, what more can you ask for??

More pictures of our hotel, they had all sorts of animals, even flamingos...

This was our last day in Hawaii.  The plain didn't take off till around midnight so we relaxed by the beach for half the day.  One year my family went to Hawaii, it was a tradition to go every other Christmas starting my 6th grade year all the way to my snior year of school.  I am a very strong swimmer and I loved to body surf.  I think I had become pretty comfortable with the Hawaiian waves and let me guard down.  I almost drown...the only thing I remember was being pulled under agaian and again, and then blackness.  I remember to guys pulling me out of the ocean, they probably saved my life.  Hawaiiam waves are different, you can't always rely on the pattern because it can change at anytime.  Since this experince I have been TERRIFIED of going into the ocean any deaper than my knees.  I overcame my fear and went and floated with Nancy out in the ocean.  The water was warm and I actually enjoyed riding the waves.

While laying up on the beach a wave came up and soaked our towels and purses.  You never know when they are gonna hit...we headed over to the pool and spa for the rest of the day.


lchaston said...

I love your blog! Great photos! Thanks for the heads up. I'm blogging a little at

I need to add a little more pizzazz to my site, though -- a work in progress! Love you! Linda

Susan said...

Okay, I think that guy was totally stalking you! Celebrity chef, yeah right, that's a total line!! :)

Looks fun - so jealous! :)


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